Set Yourself up For Long-term Success in the Stock Market by Learning Proven Trading Strategies that Work in Up, Down, & Sideways Markets.

Option Trading Coach & Tyler Chianelli Present:

Easy Option Trading

The Easy Option Trading course is a comprehensive video collection that combines detailed presentation slides, coupled with live trading footage to equip self-directed traders with all the professional stock and options trading knowledge needed to succeed in the Stock Market...regardless of market trend or the amount of capital invested.

Creator and head trader, Tyler Chianelli, has 15+ years of trading experience (and highly winning track record) that places him in the position to thoroughly explain and teach highly valuable start-to-finish trading concepts. Learn the top option strategies suitable for all market conditions, acquire the proper risk management skills, determine your personal trading style, and cultivate a customized winning trading plan -- all with the Easy Option Trading course (and much more)!

Learn About the Five Parts of the Course:

  • 1

    The Foundation for Trading Success

    For beginners, this is the blueprint for grasping the rest of Easy Option Trading and for your trading career in general, because these foundational lessons will be built upon in subsequent lessons and in every day of your trading career. Everything comes back to this.

  • Learn the difference between debits & credits (the foundation for all options trading)
  • Understand core trading fundamentals that will carry through to every day of your trading career
  • Build a successful trader mindset to prepare yourself for taking on the markets with confidence
  • Learn all about Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's) and how to trade them
  • Learn the basics of Futures trading in preparation for more advanced lessons later in the course
  • Live Demo on how to Open a Brokerage Account

  • 2

    Understanding Options & the Greeks

    Part Two is all about utilizing all the important options metrics inside your trading platform. This is how self-directed traders confirm and test trade ideas. These concepts and tools allow traders to analyze and judge the worth of a trade. You will be lost and you will consistently lose money without a grasp on this.

  • Learn how options are priced (pivotal math you will always use)
  • Understanding in-the-money (1 of 3 concepts that help you determine worth)
  • Learn to read the options chain so you're never confused in your platform
  • Learn how to read an option with a dashboard
  • The Importance of Delta (the first of the 4 Greeks you need to master)
  • Learn about Time Decay in options (options lose worth over time, this Greek shows you how much)
  • Understanding Volatility and Vega Risk (the 3rd Greek)
  • Live Trading Explanation of the Option Greeks (making them easier than ever)

  • 3

    Candlestick Charting & Technical Indicators

    Candlestick charting is the backbone of easy and valuable chart reading. Learn more from a simple chart than ever before. Technical analysis indicators bring even more strength to your charting. Utilizing these indicators allows you to identify trends and readily confirm your trades with ease and consistency.

  • Learn the Top 12 Candlestick Formations to identify every time you read a chart
  • Learn how to determine Relative Strength (a critical metric)
  • Understand and utilize the "ultimate trend following tool" in your chart analysis
  • Learn about trading with Bollinger Band indicators
  • Learn how to use Fibonacci retracements in your trade analysis (an ancient and powerful technique)
  • Learn how to combine all these technical indicators to build an effective Technical Analysis System
  • FREE BONUS: Setting Up Custom Charts lessons

  • 4

    The Easy Option Trading Strategies

    This is where everything comes together. With all the preliminary lessons under you belt, you can learn and utilize these 9 critical easy option trading strategies. With extensive live trading examples, you will easily grasp how to implement these strategies in up, down and sideways market conditions.

  • You will learn 4 Bullish Option Trading Strategies
  • You will learn 3 Bullish Option Trading Strategies
  • You will learn 2 Sideways Option Trading Strategies
  • Using real trade analysis and live examples to better explain trading strategies
  • Understand the importance of "defined-risk" spread trading
  • Understand the difference between debit and credit spreads (control your risk and protect yourself in every market)
  • Understand how to choose the right trading strategy for any market
  • Learn how to execute the strategies with Live Trading demo's

  • 5

    Creating Your Custom Trading Plan

    Without a trading plan, you will inevitably fail and lose capital. After you understand and master the trading strategies, it's time for the final step: customizing your personal trading plan and determining how much risk you can handle in a given situation. Time to bring everything together and come to terms with yourself as a trader.

  • Learn the Key Money Management Principles to keep your trades in line and always protect yourself
  • Understanding and defining your Personal Trading Style
  • Learn the Four P's in creating your Custom Trading Plan and how to structure your plan for easy understanding every day
  • Understanding the importance of Back-Testing (confirm your trades and never leave yourself guessing)
  • Learn the Easy Option Trading Capital Preservation Rules (protect yourself and always gain the maximum)
  • Bonus: The Easy Option Trading Plan
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"You have a phenomenal gift for making the complex easy.  You are doing a great job making trading exciting. I feel like my life has changed."

-Almagul Yessenzhan - Norway (Easy Option Trading client)


Bonus Video Program: Setting Up Custom Charts

In this 6-part bonus video series, Tyler Chianelli navigates the Thinkorswim trading platform, customizing his chart settings and preferences in a number of different ways. Take heed and use the setups he uses every day in his trading, or come up with your own custom setups, once you learn and can utilize the several different customization tools. An invaluable series for any self-directed trader looking for streamlined chart setups!

  • Part 1: Charting Preferences
  • Part 2: Adding Moving Averages
  • Part 3: Adding the DMI, Stochastics, The "Lower Pane",
  • Part 4: Adding Woodie's CCI, the RSI, Color Preferences
  • Part 5: Adding Bollinger Bands, Bollinger Bandwidth, MACD's
  • Part 6: Learning how to Back-Test with Technical Indicators

$197 Value

Bonus Tool & Video Program: The Complete Options Index

The Complete Options Index is a trading platform plug-in that groups together optionable securities for advanced scanning filtering and sub-list creation. Cut your research time in half and spot trading opportunities outside your regular watch-list, that would otherwise be lost in the sea of stocks.

  • 8-Part Video Training Series
  • 15 Pre-built Watch Lists to Download
  • 3 Dynamic Short-term Advanced Scans (Bullish)
  • 3 Dynamic Short-term Advanced Scans (Bearish)
  • 4 Dynamic Long-term Advanced Scans (LEAPS)

$497 Value

Bonus Video Program: Trading Options Through Earnings

In this 3-part video series (with 3 additional bonus videos), Tyler Chianelli illustrates the power and risk of trading in anticipation of earnings announcements. With several defined-risk options strategies, with on-the-spot live trading footage, Tyler analyses stocks, puts on positions and lets the audience witness the earnings call's effect on the trade. It's exciting, informative and a new angle for most traders who don't utilize these one-of-a-kind market moves. A great tool and mindset for any self-directed trader.

  • Part 1: Intro & Selling a Straddle
  • Part 2: Double Diagonal Spread & Buying OTM
  • Part 3: Continuing with the Strategies
  • Bonus Video One
  • Case Study: Selling a Straddle
  • Case Study: Selling a Strangle

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This membership service plugs you into an options traders' community where you can:

  • Attend Live Trading Room webinars
  • Receive SMS text message Trade Alerts
  • Review the weekly-updated Trade Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Study Trade Updates grouped into useful Trading Strategy sections
  • Browse an extensive Video Library
  • Chat with other members and head trader Tyler Chianelli

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    Ask questions and get detailed answers with our interactive social portal.

  • 6-Week Program

    Designed over 5-parts (with additional bonus sections) to be learned over six weeks.

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The Easy Option Trading Path Will Help You Get There.

Over 12 hours of specialized education inside this course.

Reviews From Past & Current Clients:

"I watched his seven part series and ultimately purchased Easy Option Trading. It was money very well spent and a great investment. 3 months later I'm starting to reap the benefits both monetarily and in confidence to make wise trading decisions. Tyler's methods and presentations are clear, concise, and work for both audio and visual learners.He is a master of his subject."

Richard G.
Richard G.

"Tyler's program has been pivotal in advancing the progression of my options education. His thorough explanations, coupled with live trading examples make for easily digestible information which has expedited my learning curve."

Jalen C.
Jalen C.

"Thank you for introducing me to a world of new possibilities in the market! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) method when teaching options trading."

Kenneth D.
Kenneth D.

"Tyler is an incredible teacher and master at what he does...he shows you the basic concepts of the market all the way to deep and detailed various market strategies in a short time.You can learn it all at your own pace and his online resources are just awesome."

Doug B.
Doug B.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have access for life?

Yes, members have lifetime access to the Easy Option Trading portal.

What kind of support do I receive?

You will be able to leave questions and comments on all module videos and bonus content and will receive thorough responses if not already answered inside the expansive OTC knowledge base.

What if I’m a beginner?

This program is designed from the ground-up with the brand new trader in mind. If you’re just getting started in the Stock Market, this program will provide all the necessary foundation and knowledge to build upon to successfully trade basic all the way up to advanced options strategies.

What if I’m experienced?

There will be some basic knowledge and overlap you may find in the beginning of the program, but we find that even the most seasoned of traders find immense value with our advanced option Greeks section, and corresponding bull, bear, and sideways options trading strategies that are taught in the second half of the course.

What trading platform do you use?

I trade on several different platforms. My top trading app is Thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade, and I also use Interactive Brokers for my international clients, Options House, optionsXpress by Charles Schwab, and Trade Station.

What if I live outside the United States, will this program still work for me?

Absolutely, this program is designed for people all around the world. As long as you have a reliable internet connection and a brokerage account that provides options trading this course will provide extensive value for navigating the markets trading stocks and options using over nine defined-risk strategies.

Can I download the videos?

Yes, you will be able to download all the course videos, including bonus material and class recordings after thirty days or before is you will to forego your right to a refund.

What if your account size is different than mine?

This program and business is scaleable to any and all trading account sizes. It does not matter at all if you’re starting with $2,000 or $2,000,000 — you will still deploy the same risk management principles and strategies.

What’s your personal average trade duration?

Over a 10+ year time trading frame I have yielded over 2,500% off the original portfolio size. Ever since I started the Options Trader Club membership community in Q4: 2015, I average a +29% ROI.

How many trades do you manage at a time?

It depends, but upwards of 50 positions can be established at any given time. My average hold-time (on non LEAPS trades) is right around 14 days.

How long until you think I will be able to see results with your program?

Everyone is different and the success you seek with this program is going to be a direct result of your dedication and the time you put into watching the videos and learning the material through practice and showing up consistently. Some clients are able to go from brand new to trading with confidence in as little as six weeks. The main thing is to enjoy the journey and accept this is not a “get rich quick scheme” but a long-term business investment that will teach you how to manage your investments like a professional trader.

What’s your favorite trade type?

Trading LEAPS has been my most successful strategy, but as the market changes so does my strategy focus and whatever is working in our current markets becomes my new favorite strategy.

What’s my guarantee?

The Easy Option Trading course comes with our Option Trading Coach 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 30-Day Return Policy.

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  • Silvi M.
    "I love what Tyler Chianelli has shown us on how to back-test trades. I didn't know about this before and it's become a great way to get much more comfortable with my trading strategies."
    Silvi M.
  • Dele K.
    "I have never come across any trading service comparable to yours. In my opinion, you stand out far above others both in materials provided and your personal interest in the your trainees."
    Dele K.
  • Lynn F.
    "Thanks for all of the insight. This helps me so much in developing the skills."
    Lynn F.
  • John B.
    "This is pretty awesome stuff - really appreciate all that you are doing for us who are looking to turn a profit on this."
    John B.
  • David F.
    "THANK YOU!! for all of your help in getting my knowledge base to a point that I actually understand the complexities of option trading, and am now able to make a trading plan, stick to I now have the confidence understanding the Greeks that doesn't have me so jumpy, and trading helter skelter like I used to do previously."
    David F.
  • Richard G.
    "I say this in all honesty. I'm a retired educator and I know good teaching when I see it. Tyler's material is five star!"
    Richard G.

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